What Part of Involuntary Servitude Don’t You Understand?


Community service: involuntary servitude dressed in polite language. Change … Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps. See also Emanuel Discusses Compulsory Civilian Youth Force.


2 responses to “What Part of Involuntary Servitude Don’t You Understand?”

  1. SoOrCat

    The page shown here is NOT the page that is currently on the change.gov site. Google cached it a few days ago, and what is shown here wasn’t posted then, either. The version shown here says, “…developing a plan to REQUIRE…” – the version on the site since at least the 11th does not say “require”, but rather “setting a goal” http://www.change.gov/americaserves/

    That said, I don’t want the Feds requiring, setting goals, or involved – PERIOD – in the area of education.

  2. James

    I seem to remember another time in history when this happened…now…when was that??? I think it was around the late 30’s to early 40’s, but it sure didn’t last long….

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