Wichita July 4 tea party coverage


There’s some coverage of the Wichita, Kansas tea party on television. Click on Wichita tea party coverage on KSN TV to view coverage from KSN Television.

Susan Estes, Western Kansas Field Director for AFP-Kansas does a great job explaining the spirit behind the tea parties.

Jason Kravarik, the reporter for KSN Television, as part of the story consulted a Wichita State University professor who expressed doubt about the ability of the tea party movement to generate broad appeal. That’s a problem that those who advocate for freedom face. Many people have a stake in the government continuing to dish out goodies. Those who simply want to be left alone to pursue their lives and happiness in freedom are a distinct minority.

By the way, KSN reporter Kravarik is benefiting from government in a way that you and I probably can’t. He lives in a downtown condominium building that is seeking to extend Wichita’s facade improvement program in ways it hasn’t been applied. In order for Kravarik’s building to benefit — and he did sign the petition that pleads for this special treatment — the city will have to waive two standards that buildings have previously had to meet in order to qualify for special assessment financing. See In Wichita, special assessment financing gone wild for details.


3 responses to “Wichita July 4 tea party coverage”

  1. Showalter

    True Freedom !

  2. The Tea Party movement is far too widespread across the country not to have some positive political impact. In Wichita, people who have been apathetic to the political process in the past are showing up and want to get involved.

  3. James

    Excellent research Bob, although I thought the KSN story was well balanced, for MSM that is.

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