From Pachyderm: Judicial candidates


Voice for Liberty radio logo square 02 155x116From the Wichita Pachyderm Club this week: Republican primary candidates participated in an 18th Judicial District Candidates’ Forum. This is an audio presentation recorded on June 24, 2016. Candidates included:

Division 3: Gregory D. Keith, Carl Maughan

Division 14: Linda Kirby, Patrick Walters

Division 21: Jeff Dewey, Robert A. Holubec, Quentin Pittman

Division 24: Shawn Elliott, Timothy H. Henderson, Tyler J. Roush

(For these offices, the divisions do not represent a geographical area. Everyone in Sedgwick County is able to vote for all judicial divisions.)


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  1. Rita Lawrence

    I would like to know how each of the candidates view the Koch Brother’s Prison and Sentencing Reform Initiative and are they willing to work with them to resolve the high rates of incarceration especially among minorities. I am also concerned about the Sexual Predator Program which costs $22 – $25 Million annually. Started in 1994 there have only been 3 people who have attained release. The Mental Health System is used to keep them incarcerated at Larned State Mental Hospital to complete their program. Michael Whalen Appellate Attorney from Wichita says that 7 times as many die as released.

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