Chemical facilities act would increase cost, not safety

Update: Let your elected representatives in Washington know about this legislation. Send them a message by clicking here.

As reported earlier, the United States Congress is considering legislation — the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards — that will increase regulation on chemical plants and facilities. Even the Wichita Water Works is on a list of facilities that would possibly be required to undergo expensive modifications if this new law passes. (See Chemical security law goes beyond protection)

The proposed legislation, however, would extend government control into another of our nation’s most important industries. It would require companies to change their manufacturing processes and substitute products in the name of safety.

But the legislation may not produce its intended effect. Congressional testimony found that this could actually increase risk to the businesses that the bill intends to protect.

Here’s a letter from a Texas industry group that explains the problems with the proposed legislation.

(This is a Scribd document. Click on the rectangle at the right of the document’s title bar to get a full-screen view.)

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Facility Standards Letter From Texas Chemical Council


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