For one Kansan, hope springs eternal


Following is commentary and reporting from Patricia Houser, a former resident of Wichita now living in St. Paul, Kansas. She and her husband have five children and two grandchildren. She is active in her church and Boy Scouts of America, and is the Neosho County Republican Party Chair. She says her political activism began with the prolife movement in Wichita’s Summer of Mercy, and dedicates her time helping prolife candidates.

Lately, I have felt discouraged by the way our current government, on both the Federal and our State (Kansas) level, has displayed an “I don’t care what the people say, I will do what I want” attitude. I am convinced this behavior is not what our Founding Fathers mandated in our Constitution. They wrote “We the People” for a profound reason, the people are the government; elected officials merely serve and represent the will of the people. All elected officials and most bureaucrats have sworn an oath to uphold and obey our Constitution, yet it is obvious that many of these people do not honor the oath they swore to uphold and disregard it, pushing their own agenda instead. We have blindly trusted them to do what is best for us for too long, and unfortunately, they have betrayed us.

The Good News

Last Saturday I witnessed something which gave me hope. I attended the Kansas GOP State Committee Meeting. One of items on the agenda was the adoption of the state platform. The committee which wrote the proposed platform held seven town hall meetings around the state for local Republicans to give their input. The committee then put these ideals on paper.

These ideals acknowledge God as the source of our rights and privileges, call for fiscal responsibility, reduce government’s size and power, limit entitlements, and encourage Americans to retain the principles which have made us strong while developing innovative ideas to meet today’s challenges. The platform was offered for debate. No member of the assembly offered any criticism and it was passed with 111 yeas to only one nay vote.

Three minor resolutions were proposed. All three were passed. The most contentious moment of the meeting came over whether to spend the money to print the new platform as a supplemental insert to the GOP Handbook.

What a contrast to our legislatures. My heart was lifted by the near unanimous resolve of the members to honor God and the Founding Fathers’ vision for our country. I was proud to have been a part of this event.


3 responses to “For one Kansan, hope springs eternal”

  1. Wendy

    It’s wonderful to hear good news.
    Thank you Patricia!

  2. Bob

    Michele Obama has stated she had never before been proud of the United States until her husband ran for President and now I know how she felt. We now have a president that has violated so many campaign promises and misrepresented so many issues regarding health care change they are too numerous to enumerate. Most of us in Kansas would never seriously consider supporting a member of the Westborough Baptist Church but the American people elected a man who was mentored by the now famous Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The U.S. Supreme Court has given corporations a status probably never intended by the constitution. The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate have demonstrated a lack of openness, ethics and bipartisanship that are arguably the worst in history but the problem goes even beyond the federal level.

    The Kansas Supreme Court established itself as final arbiter of spending policies of the state and we are now facing a lawsuit from another special interest group seeking more state money. The State legislators and Governor have chosen to take away individual and private property rights from citizens to use tobacco, and reserve it for themselves in their casinos. The City and County promised its’ citizens that if we passed a 1 cent sales tax for 30 months they would build a arena of 18,000 seats, 3,000 new parking spaces, renovate the Brit Brown arena and establish a reserve to insure no further funding would be required for at least 10 years. We received a 15,000 seat arena, no improvements to Brit Brown, no additional parking and they are now starting to dip in to the reserve fund. The latest is the news that we can now expect huge increases in water rates even after the city told us the new water storage project would cost less than half of the increases already approved. First Lady Michele Obama may feel better now, but I don’t see any reason to put my faith in any government entity.

  3. Benjamin

    Bob, This crap has been going on way before Soetoro (Obama). Republicrats are as much to blame as the DIM-o-Crats. If 2010 does not drastically change what is going on then this country needs nothing less than a revolution.

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