Government-run health care focus of May 24 demonstration


Next Sunday, Wichita-area citizens will have an opportunity to let their fellow citizens and the Obama administration know of the dangers of government control of health care.

The event will be on Sunday, May 24, 2009, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The location is the pedestrian bridge over Kellogg (US 54/400 highway) at Pattie Street. Meet on the south side of Kellogg.

You can click on a Google map of the location. There’s also a Facebook event page.

This event is part of the America Protests Facebook group.

Protest event organizers say this is your opportunity to wake up the public, to get people talking to each other about government control of health care, to watch these videos to become informed, and to spread information throughout the country.

This is the line in the sand. We must prevent passage of the current “Health Care Reform” bill. The public has no idea why it’s irreversible. They have no idea of the consequences of this bill. As long as we remain willing to go about our daily lives without rising up and holding mass demonstrations the public will remain complacent.

Please sign up to attend the protests. May 24 and June 6 are the two days planned. You can click on the Facebook event page for more information. The guest list for the first protest on May 24 is private; your name or picture will not be displayed when you choose to attend.

Please notify everyone you can of this protest. We want people to line the street with free information, brochures, and flyers to inform the public and get the alarm sounded across the country.

Please send an email to for more information on the protest event, to ask your questions, and to volunteer to hand out literature, send emails, etc.

What are the dangers of government-run health care? Indian (native American) health care is totally funded and run by the United States Government. This is what health care for everyone else will look like if we don’t speak up to prevent it.

It took 10 years to get one bill to the floor in Congress for debate — just one bill to try to make improvements in Indian health care. If you think nationalized health care will be run any better you’re fooling yourself.

Dick Morris described the irreversible nature of implementing Obama’s “Health Care Reform:” “The other radical changes Obama is bringing about in our nation can always be reversed. New taxes can be repealed or lowered. That which was nationalized can be privatized. Government which has grown can be cut. But once the health care system is extended to cover everyone, with no commensurate increase in the resources available, the change will be forever. The vicious cycle of cuts in medical resources and in the number of doctors and nurses will doom health care in this country. This wanton destruction will not be reversible by any bill or program. A crucial part of our quality of life — the best health care in the world — will be gone forever.”

This is a very important video explaining why government-run health care is irreversible:


6 responses to “Government-run health care focus of May 24 demonstration”

  1. Why is government health care bad? Because it grants the basic rights of humanity to everyone, not just the rich? Yeah, sounds terrible. My family is from Canada and we visit there now and then and everything you’ve heard that’s negative is a lie. There isn’t one Canadian alive, that wouldn’t fight to the death to keep their government health care. We’re a 1st world country…let’s act like it.

  2. Locke

    @ Eric

    First of all healthcare is not a right. It is a privilege.

    That being said there are volumes of data on the reality of socialized health care and all of it points to a general decline in overall care over time. If its so great why do Canadians spend ~$13billion a year on US healthcare and why is Britain reducing the catalog of services offered (selectively by age and other factors) I would wager you haven’t actually read anything on the topic though.

    You also cannot directly compare the US to Canada or any other country with socialized medicine. The US has a far larger population and more importantly already runs a huge deficit in spending mostly due to empire building and war that other countries do not engage in.

    One last thought, think about your last trip to the Dept. of Motor vehicles or go visit the VA hospital here in town. Now imagine the same service you get there applied to your healthcare. Its a scary thought.

  3. Val at Valhalla

    Oh Eric you are hilarious! You actually believe government is fair??? You think politicians treat each of their constituents the same and don’t favor the wealthy? HA HA HA!!!
    So Eric, you think Government-run Health Care is fair? You really believe “there isn’t one Canadian alive that wouldn’t fight to the death to keep their government health care.” Really? Check out the numerous Canadians writing on this, only one of the blogs, Eric
    Do you realize how dangerous it is to turn an entire Health Care System into a tool for Politicians? Sure the majority of people who are healthy will vote & they won’t use the health care system for anything serious. Politicians get their votes forever. The truly sick, a minority, will be too sick to vote so let the system screw them; majority vote wins. Here’s one comment off the blog from Saskatchewan, an oil rich province:
    “NOTHING DIAGNOSED or TREATED IN A TIMELY MANNER; WHICH ONLY COMPLICATES THE SITUATION! Because once someone is sick long-term or sick recurrently, they are more susceptible to more illness: viruses, bacterial infections, etc. ‘Healthcare’ bureaucrats & Staff are the ones getting rich, while patients are getting sicker & dying WITHOUT dignity & WITHOUT qualified medical care. IT’S TIME TO GET HEALTH CARE BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO!” Yep, sounds like she’d die for Government Health Care.

  4. Eric should move to Canada………

  5. Sue

    Eric smells of ACORNS.


  6. Sue

    Oh, meant to add that there are thousands of Canadians, now dead, who would have liked to live, but their health care was so poor they died.

    Cemetaries are the legacy of socialized medicine in Canada.

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