Goyle, Pompeo file campaign finance reports


Here’s a summary of the campaign finance reports filed on October 16, 2010 for candidates for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas, Democrat Raj Goyle and Republican Mike Pompeo.

                  Third quarter        Election cycle
                  Goyle   Pompeo      Goyle     Pompeo
Opening balance 749,493  286,032          0          0
Contributions   368,902  921,943  1,624,308  1,877,030
Expenditures    776,772  692,669  1,283,027  1,341,724
Cash balance    341,623  535,306    341,623    535,306

The “third quarter period” was from July 15, 2010 to September 30, 2010.

Pompeo raised much more — 2.5 times as much — than Goyle during this period, which was necessary as Pompeo was engaged in a competitive primary election and spent nearly all his funds in that effort. For the entire election cycle, the amounts raised are fairly close.

For expenditures during this reporting period, Goyle spent slightly more — about 12 percent more — than Pompeo.

Going forward, Pompeo has a cash balance (as of September 30) $193,683 (57 percent) greater than Goyle.

Soon the campaigns will start filing reports of contributions received almost daily as last-minute contributions are received.


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