Hartman ad malicious and false, says Pompeo


The campaign for the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas has been marked by some hard-hitting commercials. Often commercials are based on subjective claims, such as “Vote for me! I’m great and my opponent is terrible!”

Now the Wink Hartman campaign has aired a television advertisement that leading rival Mike Pompeo says is objectively false.

In the ad, an unidentified man says that Thayer Aerospace, a Wichita manufacturing company that Pompeo once headed, failed to pay the man’s small business. As a result the man had to declare bankruptcy.

In a statement read by Pompeo at a press conference today, Pompeo said that they were able to identify the man as Daniel Lind, and the company as Machining Concepts, Inc.

Pompeo said Thayer Aerospace had purchased products from the company, and that all bills were paid: “The total volume of the work performed by that company for Thayer Aerospace was approximately $351,000. All of the obligations associated with that work were paid for by Thayer Aerospace.”

Pompeo said that evidence of the falsity of Lind’s claim of non-payment by Thayer include Lind’s bankruptcy filing — referred to by Lind in the advertisement — in which Thayer Aerospace is not mentioned. In the filing, under “Accounts Receivable,” Lind marked “none.” A debt owed to Lind’s business should have been listed here.

In a Wichita Eagle news story, Lind stands by his claims. He says he didn’t sue Thayer over the debt because he couldn’t afford it. While that may be true, it wouldn’t have cost anything to list Thayer on the bankruptcy filing.

Pompeo said he will ask television stations to stop airing the ad based on the falsity of the claims made within. But as explained in a Time magazine article and confirmed in a conversation with a former television station manager, media outlets do not have the ability to pick and choose which candidate advertisements they broadcast. Explains Time: “Broadcasters are actually obligated to run [candidate] ads, even those known to be false. Under the Federal Communications Act, a station can have a blanket policy of refusing all ads from all candidates. But they cannot single out and decline to air a particular commercial whose content they know to be a lie.”

As of this moment, the Hartman campaign has not responded to requests for documentation or other information regarding Lind’s claims.

The candidates for this nomination and their campaign websites are Wichita businessman Jim Anderson, Wichita businessman Wink Hartman, Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo, Latham engineer Paij Rutschman, and Kansas Senator Jean Schodorf.


10 responses to “Hartman ad malicious and false, says Pompeo”

  1. sue c.

    The Hartman campaign has already shown they will do or say anything, true or not, to win this seat.

    Even smear a good man like Mike Pompeo.

    And, unfortunately, the uber riche Hartman has unlimited personal funds to spread these lies forever.

    Just what we don’t need in Congress: another lying millionaire without morals! Ugh.

  2. Lauren

    The Hartman campaign is desperate. This is the umpteenth negative ad they’ve run against the Pompeo campaign. When you look at Hartman’s record of bankruptcy, Florida residency, and DUIs, it surprises me that the Pompeo campaign doesn’t use some of this ammo to return the attack on Hartman. Perhaps unlike most campaigns, the Pompeo campaign wants voters to cast a vote in support of Mike Pompeo, not just against his tacky opponent.

  3. Skeptic

    Pompeo is absolutely right.

    Hartman is right also.

    They’re both hypocrites and liars!!

    Vote Schodorf!

  4. Craig gabel

    There is some truth to what you say about media outlets not being able to pick and choose running adds. They can not deny one candidate over another. But they all edit adds for information inaccuracys and known falsehoods. If you run an Eagle add with nimbers they will check those numbers against
    Ks.com. If something crosses some arbtrary line they will let you know they can not run the add with that information. Some of you might remember when I ran an add as a County commission candiate claim that 200 million plus in tax payer money had been spend on downtown development, and the mayor went on Tv to denounce it as a lie. The Eagle had fact checked it and let it run so they didn’t have to retract it. And the TV stations I then refered to the Eagle so they also stood behind it. Craig

  5. Val in Valhala

    Anyone who thinks Hartman hasn’t caused a whole bunch of people to go bankrupt is a fool. Goyle is just rubbing his palms together hoping to run against Hartman.

  6. Dismal Scientist

    Pompeo, Hartman and Schodorf are big government establishment hacks! VOTE ANDERSON! He is our only hope.

  7. […] advertisement that contains claims about Mike Pompeo that, so far, are unsubstantiated. See Hartman ad malicious and false, says Pompeo and Pompeo Disputes Claims In Hartman Ads, Demands Hartman Show […]

  8. todd

    look harder..allthe info about mr. lind is at the campaign office for mr. hartman. I know cause I asked to see it and was invi=ted to do so. so I did and i saw. if who ever writes this dribble would get off thier fat ass , you could see it also. I also saw how pompeo did not pay taxes for sunflower wind industries. there are several things about pompous that isnt being told by any campaign. if it was told he would be divirced in five seconds.

  9. Anonymous

    Look at the type of illiterate morons the Hartman campaign is drawing as supporters. It even invited him to the office!

  10. Add

    An advertisement is an “ad” not an “add” for purposes of abbreviation.

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