Huelskamp tweets from convention


Congressman Tim Huelskamp of the Kansas first district is at the Republican National Convention, and he’s tweeting.

In a press release, Huelskamp said “I came to Congress on the wave of the conservative Tea Party movement in 2010. The American people told us to take on Washington and come up with answers to our problems. With our country on the edge of a fiscal cliff, and power from Washington on the increase, millions of people want to know what Governor Romney and Paul Ryan will do to save the country from the failed policies of President Obama and Joe Biden. I’ll tell them … live.”

Tim Huelskamp is a Delegate from Kansas to the Republican National Convention. With a wide range of speakers and events surrounding the GOP Convention, Huelskamp believes the American people want to hear from a leading conservative member of the Freshman class of 2010. So he will provide live updates through Twitter.

Follow him at @TimHuelskamp, or watch below.


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