Hutchinson, Kansas tea party on tax day


Update: for an event on tax day in 2010, see Tax day tea parties in Kansas announced.

Hutchinson, Kansas Tea Party Flyer

There’s going to be a tea party in Hutchinson, KS on tax day.

Click on the flyer for a larger version.


12 responses to “Hutchinson, Kansas tea party on tax day”

  1. Jack

    Can’t wait!

  2. Jeanie

    Is there any advertising for this event in the papers, posters around town etc?

  3. Jack

    Something on the radio, but nothing else I know of.

  4. Jack

    KSN did a story as well. You can find it on youtube.

  5. I’d like to attend,, but could some of you give me your opinions on the whole “communist takeover”.issue, and I don’t mean if you believe America is slowly being turned into a socialist nation, that is a fact no sane person can deny. Although since Osama has been in office I would say we are moving not slowly, but rapidly towards a facist state.

    While I’m a huge advocate of limited government, ,and oppose the vast majority of obama’s plans, I worry the movement might be derailed by the type of people who believe the digital recievers for digital tv are nothing but a brainwashing tool being used by Osama(I mean Obama ; ) to turn us into reds. Others have claimed the Soviet Union placed agents inside the US during the 50’s, and that they are still to this day working to destroy capitalism in America. Some involved in the movement have gone so far as to claim President Obama is in on it.

    So what are your opinions on what I’ve said. Not just the soviet takeover stuff, but would you agree with me that limited government and an end to entitlement progams(including amnesty for every illegal who swims across the border) are the solution to our current whoes?

  6. Jack

    Whatever the agendas of others, I know mine.
    We were electing socialists in the government ion the 1800s. The Fed and the 16th Amendment is proof if you ask me. It’s nothing new to me.

  7. Jeanie

    Are any tea-party types planning anything on 9/12- or 9/12ers getting together as the values summit is happening in DC? In the Hutch, Wichita area?

  8. Karen

    Oh you poor TEA people….yeah after 8 years of succeeding tax breaks and pro-business BS…now that the tables have turned so the not-so-fortunate can get a break….now you TEA people bitch and moan….couldn’t be too many TEA people out there since Obama won by a landslide…LOL … AND don’t forget…all that Obama’s people are doing is trying to get us back on some hopeful road after Bush screwed everything up.

  9. Anonymous

    A tax break on a tax without being represented is still wrong.

  10. The health care plan is going to lower the deficit…like unemployment won’t go above eight percent…right?

    Our government is in the hands of ne’er-do-wells who haven’t got a clue beyond a youth spent in Ivy League classrooms that reek of half baked-socialist theory. Educated idiots who couldn’t organize a trip too the out-house. Cocktail party liberals like Nancy Pelosi who seek to take from those who work and redistribute to those who do not.

    More power to them poor TEA people!

  11. Today we all have a great opportunity to choose to support our countries’constitution, economy, employment, healthcare, education, immigration and freedom. The task is very simple…just pick one and …… STAND FOR SOMETHING

    The direction our country seems to be going is wrong and away from the people. We need to stand together! My dream is to unite all of us that care enough to save our FREEDOMS…

  12. Matt

    One thing I was happy about when Bush left office was the end of the preposterous claims by the insane left such as his responsibility for 9-11. But, alas, the nutty left fringe has now simply been replaced by the just as nutty right with their claims about Barack Obama being a Soviet plant and a Muslim terrorist among other sick, distorted lunacy. Is it any wonder that such a small percentage of our population has any interest in our political system. As my 26 year old told me, “If I want to join a circus, I’ll take Barnum and Bailey.”

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