In Kansas fourth, Pompeo ups lead over Goyle


A new KWCH Television and SurveyUSA poll of candidates for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas shows Republican Mike Pompeo increasing his lead over his primary challenger, Democrat Raj Goyle.

The new poll shows Pompeo increasing his share of the vote from 50 percent to 53 percent, compared to the previous poll by the same organization 22 days earlier. Goyle’s share remains unchanged at 40 percent.

Only three percent of the voters are undecided.

Other results from the poll include Reform party candidate Susan Ducey with two percent, and Libertarian Shawn Smith checking in with two percent as well. Smith replaced David Moffett on the Libertarian Party ticket.

A recent discussion with a veteran Kansas political reporter reminded me of how unreliable polls can be. About three weeks before the August primary election, this same polling organization showed Goyle slightly trailing his opponent. Goyle won the primary with 80 percent of the vote, with a poll shortly before the election showing Goyle leading 63 percent to 19 percent.

Kansas fourth district Congressional pollKansas fourth district Congressional poll


One response to “In Kansas fourth, Pompeo ups lead over Goyle”

  1. sue c.

    I expect to see another attack ad by Raj soon. With more lies about Mike Pompeo. He is bound to be desperate. Remember his reaction to the Survey USA poll in the primary that favored Tillman? Goyle threw down hundreds of thousands in ads and buys that he never thought he would have to do. The liberal Wichita Eagle ran several pro-Goyle pieces too.

    Expect the same again, folks. Goyle has millions in “outsourced” (70% of his war chest is from out of state) money to throw at this race. And he and his liberal friends really, really, want this seat.

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