In Kansas, Sarah Palin chooses Todd Tiahrt


Yesterday former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Todd Tiahrt for the Republican Party nomination for United States Senate from Kansas.

Tiahrt’s opponent is Jerry Moran. It is commonly thought that the winner of this August Republican primary election will cruise to victory in the November general election.

Palin’s endorsement, which can be read on her Facebook page, reads as follows:

I’m happy to endorse Todd Tiahrt’s campaign to be the next U.S Senator from Kansas. Todd is a protector of our Constitution, a pro-family, pro-Second Amendment Commonsense Conservative who has never voted for a tax increase and has fought to end the wasteful spending coming out of Washington. He didn’t just stand on the sidelines complacently, but instead actually battled against the bailouts, the debt-ridden stimulus spending, the cap-and-tax energy schemes, and Obamacare. In fact, remember on the day Obamacare was being debated, Todd Tiahrt was on the House floor all day working to defeat it, and he’s helped lead the charge to repeal and replace Obamacare the moment it was signed into law. We can count on Todd to take on the liberal spending agenda of the Obama administration and fight for lower taxes, more individual freedom, and less government intrusion.

At a meet-and-greet opportunity yesterday evening, Vicki Tiahrt, wife of the candidate, said the campaign was pleased with the endorsement.

Palin’s endorsement has been a benefit to most candidates she has endorsed. A recent Time Magazine article noted that “her record in tightly contested races [is] 8-3 overall this midterm election year.”

The most recent public poll in this race is from May, and showed Moran leading by 52 percent to 29 percent.


8 responses to “In Kansas, Sarah Palin chooses Todd Tiahrt”

  1. Anonymous

    Tiahrt is the creation of the Urban Wichita Republican Party, Moran campaigns in the rural areas of the fly over zone. It is very dissapointing to me that Palin, whose support and strength in Kansas is in the small rural towns has endorsed an Urban special interest candidate. Perhaps she should have just punted on this one.
    Either way, Kansas will be well represented by either of these two men.

  2. Memoryman

    I remember that Jerry Moran voted to raise property taxes when he served in the Kansas legislature. I remember one case in the 1990s where he voted for a tax hike that Tiahrt opposed.

    Palin’s endorsement is big news. Knowing the Kansas news media’s reporting from the Left, that’s why I learned about this endorsement on line at Wichita Liberty.

    What a sad state of the KS news media. Its about as pathetic as the lefties in Washington. Obama arrogantly stated the media truth last year when he said, that the press had, “…all voted for me.”

  3. What’s in it for her?

    I remember when Todd Tiahrt voted for the DREAM Act and to expand Cash for Clunkers… Poor move for Sarah.

  4. Ann H.

    I’m surprised by the May poll numbers; I would have thought the race would have been closer. But Moran’s gotta be sweating right now; Sarah has a lot of clout. As for me, I still haven’t decided how I’ll vote in this race, but her endorsement doesn’t carry any weight. I lost most all my respect for her when she endorsed McCain (yeah, she ran for VP with him, but I was hoping she was there to make the ticket more conservative; no one was making her go and campaign for his Senate race, so I guess she agrees with him more than I hoped) and then Carly Fiorina over the far-superior Chuck DeVore in the CA Senate race.

  5. Dismal Scientist

    Tiahrt is an upholder of the Constitution? I am not sure what document Mrs. Palin is reading but I do not see anything in the U.S. Constitution about paper money, pork barrel spending or rampant militarism-global empire building but I will take a second look……….lol!

  6. Anonymous

    It is not a compliment for Todd Tiahrt to have Sarah Palin endorse him for the Senate. The best thing that Palin could do is to spend some time educating herself. She showed herself to be highly deficient in her understanding of how the political process works, and she knew zilch about foreign and military policy when she ran as VP in 2008. The Katie Couric interview was a total embarrassment bu for her, but the sad thing is that she does not recognize how deficienti she really is in all respects. You may have her TODD.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not pleased with either candidate because I’m a common sense conservative that prefers to think in terms of national stability rather than radical pro-life ideals. Our taxes are the lowest they have been in 30 years and our country is going bankrupt from funding huge tax cuts. I’ll be voting for the person that isn’t afraid to vote to increase taxes if it is the RIGHT thing to do. Palin can keep her ‘blinders on’ candidate.

  8. Anonymous

    Palin’s endorsement success percent age took another step down after Tiahrt’s defeat on August 3. Palin should go home and take care of her dysfunctional family.

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