Kansas Democrats mail in error


A mailing by the Kansas Democratic Party citing the voting record of a Kansas House of Representatives candidate holds not only the usual hyperbole and spin, but also a factual error.

The mailing targets Joseph Scapa, a Republican running for re-election after serving his first term. The Democratic mailing criticizes Scapa for a vote made on the 2011 budget, claiming Scapa’s vote will harm schools. It also makes the usual claim about conservative Republicans — that they are merely rubberstamps for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Excerpt from mailing from Kansas Democratic Party, incorrectly referring to a vote by Joseph Scapa.

Except: Scapa voted against the budget and the governor’s position. The mailer is wrong.

The Democrats also sent the same mailer regarding Jana Goodman. It’s wrong, too.

Unless, that is, you’re willing to believe that the list of liberal Democrats that voted the same way as Scapa are Brownback puppets and — as the mailer shouts — “failing the test on education.”

Excerpt of Journal of the Kansas House of Representatives, May 12, 2011, page 1570.

Update: The following day the Kansas Democratic Party chair apologized for the error.


2 responses to “Kansas Democrats mail in error”

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, KS Dems got it wrong. And KS GOP has NEVER, EVER, EVER sent any type of mailing that was misleading, incorrect, or downright untrue. Please. I could send you 10 examples from this cycle alone. Doesn’t mean lying is condoned…just means you are hypocrites. STFU.

  2. Ann H.

    I am in Scapa’s district and I also got a mailing from the Republican party later that stated Sloop’s mailer was lying and provided a graphic with the list of votes, as you have here. I was happy to see that the Republican party was pushing back against mailers like this.

    The Republican mailer also noted that Sloop’s mailer that said “Scapa votes for tax breaks for the wealthy!!” was misleading in that the bill cut taxes for everyone.

    Just the grotesque picture on Sloop’s mailer of a wealthy fat man throwing money around chomping on a cigar makes me angry–envy and covetousness sure is ugly and unbecoming.

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