In Kansas first Congressional district, it’s knotted


New polling by KWCH Television and SurveyUSA indicate a very close race for the Republican party nomination for United States Congress from the first district of Kansas.

The candidates for this nomination and their campaign websites are physician and Kansas Senator Jim Barnett of Emporia, educator Sue Boldra of Hays, attorney and mediator Marck Cobb of Galva, farmer and Kansas Senator Tim Huelskamp of Fowler, Salina commercial real estate executive Tracey Mann, and Senator Brownback chief of staff Rob Wasinger of Cottonwood Falls.

The poll, with data collected July 24th through July 26th, shows three candidates — Barnett, Huelskamp, and Mann — tied, each with 24 percent of the vote.

The most recent poll by this firm from two weeks ago showed the same three candidates all within the survey’s sampling error. According to the pollster, the race was tied at that time, and it’s tied now.

It’s just that with the three candidates polling the exact same number, it feels like it’s really tied.

There are several trends evident in the chart: First, the meteoric rise of Mann has peaked. His numbers are down slightly, although within the margin of sampling error.

Second, Huelskamp continues on his upward trend. His numbers are higher than two weeks ago, although within the margin of sampling error.

Third, Barnett’s numbers are largely unchanged since the start of the polling in February.

Finally, the number of undecided voters continues to drop and is now at just seven percent.

Kansas first Congressional district poll resultsKansas first Congressional district poll results


2 responses to “In Kansas first Congressional district, it’s knotted”

  1. Anonymous

    Cobb wasted his time. He should have just run as a democrat as everyone knows he would have if democrats had any chance of winning here.

  2. sheila

    Barnett still has some people fooled. The huge building contractors are supporting him, and of course, the pharma and insurance corps. They are NOT fooled. They are expecting paybacks from him, and they will get them. Small business people statewide are working hard to beat him. We are supporting Huelskamp. A vote for anyone besides Tim is a vote for Barnett. We do not want the progressive liberal Barnett to go to Washington. Drug and insurance companies have enough Democrats on the payroll. They don’t need to add the Rino BArnett!

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