Kansas fourth Congressional district poll released


The first public poll covering the race for United States Congress from the Kansas fourth district shows a close race between the two leading contenders, with Republican Mike Pompeo edging Democrat Raj Goyle by 49 percent to 42 percent.

Libertarian Party candidate David Moffett received four percent support, and Reform party candidate Susan Ducey received one percent. Five percent were undecided.

The poll was released by KWCH Television in Wichita and SurveyUSA. The poll’s margin of sampling error was not given, but previous polls by this firm and similar to this have had a margin of sampling error of about four percentage points.

Pompeo receives strong support from young voters. For those under 50 years old, Pompeo leads 59 percent to 28 percent, while for voters over 50, he trails Goyle by 41 percent to 51 percent.

Men favor Pompeo 53 percent to 38 percent, while women favor Goyle 46 percent to 44 percent.

Those who attend church regularly, those with pro-life beliefs, and gun owners favored Pompeo. Democrats, Independents, those with self-described moderate beliefs, and voters with incomes less than $50,000 favored Goyle.

Important dates for voters to remember are these:

October 13: Election offices begin mailing advance voting ballots

October 18: Last day to register to vote or change party affiliation for the general election

October 27: Last day for election office to mail advance voting applications

October 29: Last day for election office to mail advance voting ballots

November 2: Election day

Kansas fourth Congressional district pollKansas fourth Congressional district poll, August 12, 2010


2 responses to “Kansas fourth Congressional district poll released”

  1. ictcommentator

    I believe that the Democratic Party’s congressional candidates full and legal name is Rajiv Cumar Goyle. If this spelling is not correct, perhaps someone on this list can correct me.

    I hope that Mr. Goyle will use his full legal name in his campaign. He probably won’t. The one brochure I saw of his didn’t even mention his political party. By mentioning his full name, Mr. Goyle could differentiate himself on one small point between himself and his party’s president. When then candidate Obama ran in 2008 he never used his middle name Hussein. He only began using it after he took office. This became an issue when his opponent, John McCain, criticized his own supporters who were politically incorrect and mentioned then candidate Obama’s full, legal name. McCain was wrong in submitting to the political correctness mavens in the liberal (journolist) national press corps

    Now President Obama does use his full name and this includes his middle name of Hussein. I think he should have done so in 2008 and not waited until he took office in 2009.

    I for one, would at least like to know the candidates full names and relevant background information before we vote in this congressional contest. This would be a pleasant improvement from the politically correct and fawning coverage for the left wing candidate for president in 2008. Voters in the KS-4 congressional district need to know a lot more about all of the congressional candidates in general and the most liberal candidate in the race, Mr. Goyle, in particular. We’ll see if the local liberal news media will do any better in KS-4 in 2010 than their national counterparts did nationwide in 2008. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Ruben

    The left has already started to beat the drums of “racism” in this race and strategically their goal is not to have Goyle’s background scrutinized by calling-out Pompeo as a racist. Goyle knows that his real name is a negative and that him being a Hindu is also a negative…..remember Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith?? The Rhonda and Phil show at the Wichita Eagle editorial board has already drawn their strategy on this race against Pompeo.

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