Kansas progressives on school employment


For more about this issue, see Kansas school employment trends.

Kansas logic school employment






4 responses to “Kansas progressives on school employment”

  1. That is a huge article just to criticize using a technique that is entirely acceptable and would be preferred by most statisticians. I would never have guessed that a Kansas school teacher would take exception with this just to deflect attention from the issues.

  2. Jeff Sykes

    I’m the one who wrote the article. Though I’m not at teacher, I cannot imagine a non-partisan statistician who would seriously regard what you did as a faithful representation of the data or recommend your approach. You manipulate the numbers and make the graph look like you want it to in an attempt to make minor changes look like Brownback caused a wild hiring spree in teachers. You selectively omit data, you don’t look at other factors that could influence the number of teachers. This isn’t deflecting attention from the issues. It is focusing on how what you are doing here isn’t the whole story and your statistics should be regarded with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  3. Jeff, these statistics are not “mine.” They are numbers from the Kansas State Department of Education. They are what they are, despite your protestations.

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