Kansas Republican Assembly endorsements announced


The Kansas Republican Assembly has released its endorsements for federal and state offices. The list of endorsed candidates may be viewed here.

In the race for Republican Party nomination for United States Congress from the first district of Kansas, the KRA endorsed farmer and Kansas Senator Tim Huelskamp of Fowler.

In the fourth district of Kansas, centered around the Wichita metropolitan area, the KRA endorsed Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo.

Of note, the KRA issued no endorsement in the second and third Kansas Congressional districts. This is because no candidate achieved the two-thirds majority necessary to earn the group’s endorsement.

For the same reason, KRA is not making an endorsement in the race for United States Senate between Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran.

The KRA warns of a group with a similar name that is making endorsements. Voters should be sure of the credentials of an organization that they rely on for endorsements.


3 responses to “Kansas Republican Assembly endorsements announced”

  1. sue c.

    Friends of mine went to this KRA meeting in Topeka. It was quite lively and spirited. Especially for the KS-03 endorsement. My KS-03 friends were sad no endorsement was made. But the 2/3 vote rule is a good one. Better “no” endorsement than one people will cry foul about.

    For $15 people can join the KRA and influence the outcomes for the future, but you must be a long-standing member in order to vote. (I do not what constitues “long-standing..)

  2. sheila

    Halleleujah! I am now believing in Kansas Republicans again! I thought you had all lost your everloving minds. Barnett is a progressive liberal, and I was beginning to think he had you all fooled. Wow! HE didn’t! Now if you will kindly throw out the rest of that bunch of Democrats, who are calling themselves Republicans, we will commence getting this mess straightened out around here!! ALRIGHT!

  3. Larry & Kathy Helms

    We are looking for a list of endorsed judges, as shown on the judicial ballot. Is there such a list?

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