Koch critics examined


Critics of Charles and David Koch allege that the philanthropists have tried to hide their political involvement and contributions over the years. While false, many uncritically believe it. And at the same time, the media gives Koch critics a pass on their lack of transparency.

Not everyone, however. Here Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post takes a look at some of the figures that are attacking the Koch brothers. Here’s part:

From our brief inquiry into some left-wing groups, we’ve learned a few things. First, they share many of the same donors. Second, they often pursue the same agenda (“Get the Koch brothers!”) And, while they talk an awful lot about “transparency” and the menace of “anonymous donors,” their own disclosure is limited, at best.

Don’t get me wrong. Rich people and foundations have every right to operate in this fashion. But it’s rank hypocrisy for them to go after the Koch brothers for funding lots of conservative groups. Moreover, the mainstream media and Congress should stop pretending that these left-wing front groups are high-minded independent watch dogs. In fact, these groups are highly partisan and selective attack dogs.

A mix of diverse ideological organizations conducting pitched battles on the political playing field is a vital part of our democratic system. Let’s just be honest about who the players are and who owns the teams.


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  1. Ictator

    Hypocrisy from the loony left? That is as surprising as the sun rising in the east every day.

    Statists always have an exception for those who are in power. If they make the rules, then the rules never apply against themselves. As congress and the president continue to drift in this direction, one can see how the republic deteriorates.

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