Left’s double standard on Kochs and Soros


Evidence continues to mount that the political Left — most recently in the form of New Yorker magazine’s Jane Mayer and her criticism of Charles and David Koch — simply doesn’t understand liberty-based thinking and political positions. Following, Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner explains.

Some of Carney’s most important points:

  • Regulation is often used to increase barriers to entry to an industry, thereby increasing the value of existing companies. But the Kochs oppose heavy-handed regulation.
  • Many energy companies view greenhouse gas regulations as a way to increase profits. Not so for Koch Industries.
  • Economic freedom, which Charles and David Koch have advocated for many years, is good not only for business, but for everyone.

Left’s double standard on Kochs and Soros

By Timothy P. Carney

I was the main speaker of the night at a fancy dinner. The crowd included millionaire business owners and corporate executives. And the man who introduced me, and who had invited me to speak, was billionaire industrialist Charles Koch.

My topic was what it always is: the evils of corporate welfare and bailouts, and the destructive influence of the Big Business lobby in Washington. In my talk, I blasted “regulatory robber barons” and “subsidy sucklers.”

But if you follow the Left’s talking points, my talk was part of Koch’s “pro-corporate movement.”

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4 responses to “Left’s double standard on Kochs and Soros”

  1. sue c.

    Thanks for posting. The coordinated effort on the left between the administration and the MSM to paint the Koch brothers as “bad” because they care about economic freedom is appalling. As Bob so aptly stated “economic freedom is good for everyone!”

    If this were a normal world, people like George Soros and his massive influence into the democrat party, (esp. the Secretary of State Project where he is funding candidates who will “give” the elections to democrats) would be thoroughly investigated and exposed.

    I always found it ironic that Soros, who is wealthy beyond belief from capitalistic ventures, wants to stop anyone else from becoming similarly wealthy. He has stated that his goal is to destroy capitalism. This is hypocrisy for sure.

  2. liberty4all

    Here is another article addressing the Koch/Soros issue. http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/08/covering_up_for_george_soros.html

  3. wichitator

    George Soros is behind the effort to make sure that lefties control the election process. This begins by pushing hard for candidates for Secretary of State.

    KS has an appointed Secretary of State due to Ron Thornburg’s resignation in mid-term. Chris Biggs had been unsuccessful in his last run for statewide office despite a big last minute push by unions, the abortion industry, and the KS news media to stop Phill Kline from becoming attorney general in 2002. The same groups knocked Kline out four years later.

    Soros success at secretary of state was a key factor in helping steal enough votes in the Minnsota senate race to put Al Franken into office. The same sort of extra votes popped up to take the governor’s position in Washington state two years earlier.

    Kris Kobach’s election is critical to providing honest elections in Kansas. Since voting in KS now occurs over a 3 week period, we are looking at a whole host of ways to game this system by unscrupulous people. We have to show id for almost everything in this country except registering to vote and voting.

    George Soros has done tremendous damage to this country due to his crucial role in funding the left and its successful takeover of the Democrat Party as well as the takeover of the entire federal government in 2008.

  4. Virginia

    The broad shoulders that must bear public ridicule from the LEFT fall upon every business (small or large) that speaks out about big government. The Koch’s have rose above the proverbial mud slinging & have held steady to their beliefs. Proof: In the last month I have crossed paths with many (Not just 10 or 12) what I call young people who have elaborated on the opportunities that Koch Industries afforded them. 75% of them exceeded the 30 second answer and proceeded to elaborate on what they had accomplished & the gratitude they felt for their employer. Whether working for the Industry or the Foundations supported by the Koch’s, they all believe they were handed an opportunity to be the American Dream. One such person stood shoulder to shoulder with me at the Glenn Beck Restore America Event. Being from Colorado, she stated it was her fortunate choice in Colleges that brought her to Wichita and that Koch had opened doors she never knew existed.
    Several had moved on from Koch to seek out their business opportunities, but all say it is the personal interest that Koch shows in their employees that makes the difference. There is no “I” in “TEAM” and that is what Koch has brought to Kansas. Wichita should count their blessings!

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