Mark Parkinson, Potential Kansas Governor

A few items, present and past, about Mark Parkinson, who may be the governor of Kansas before long:

Parkinson prepares to fill governor role (Wichita Eagle)

Parkinson, former GOP rising star in Kansas, could become governor as Democrat. A look at Parkinson and his career by David Klepper of the Kansas City Star.

Mark Parkinson Wikipedia entry. At one time this was a fawning testimonial, the background section opening with “A successful businessman and former legislator, Mark is a native Kansan who grew up in Wichita and now resides in Olathe. Mark’s family has its roots in Scott City, where they still operate a family farm.”

Ex-Kansas GOP Chair Switches Affiliation

Parkinson’s party switch causes debate: Conservatives don’t see move as sign of pendulum shifting

Mark Parkinson’s ex-stepmom posed in Playboy

Sebelius Names Parkinson as Lt. Governor Candidate. Coverage from the Kansas Democratic Party website.

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