Paul Jacobs, Organ


On September 20, 2005, Paul Jacobs of the Julliard School of Music played a recital as part of the Rie Bloomfield Organ Series at Wiedemann Recital Hall, Wichita State University.

I thought Mr. Jacobs was a wonderful player. He seems, at least to my untrained ear, to take more liberties with rhythm and phrasing while playing Bach than other organists. He spoke to the audience, explaining the pieces he was to play in more detail than many organists do.

He played two movements of Olivier Messiaen’s La Nativite du Seigneur (The Nativity of Our Savior), including Desseins Eternels (Eternal Designs). I guess no one told him that mentioning religion and design in Kansas could be troublesome! He also asked us to look at the audience and be aware that there aren’t many young people in attendance. He also talked about how music has become part of the background noise of our lives, and that how important it is to listen to and concentrate on good music.

There seemed to be more people in the audience than is usual for these recitals. Mr. Jacobs received enthusiastic applause and played an encore. I hope he will return to play again.


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