Pompeo increases lead over Goyle in Kansas fourth


Today KWCH Television and SurveyUSA released a poll surveying the candidates for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas. The results show Republican Mike Pompeo increasing his lead over challenger Raj Goyle, the Democratic Party nominee.

Today’s poll — likely to be the last before Election Day — shows Pompeo increasing his share of the vote from 53 percent to 54 percent, compared to the previous poll released by the same organization 21 days earlier. Goyle’s share dropped from 40 percent to 38 percent. In this poll, the sampling error is 4.3 percent.

Only two percent of the voters are undecided.

Other results from the poll include Reform party candidate Susan Ducey with three percent, and Libertarian Shawn Smith checking in with two percent.

As of October 27, the FiveThirtyEight analysis of this race puts Pompeo ahead of Goyle 61.2 percent to 36.2 percent. The probability of a Pompeo win is given as 99.5 percent. FiveThirtyEight uses KWCH/SurveyUSA polls as part of its input, but considers many other factors too. This forecast does not include today’s KWCH/SurveyUSA results.

Kansas fourth district Congressional pollKansas fourth district Congressional poll


2 responses to “Pompeo increases lead over Goyle in Kansas fourth”

  1. sheila

    Raj is wasting alot of Soros’ money. In Texas they say, “Remember the Alamo”. In Kansas we say to Raj, “Remember the smoking ban”. He will remember the faces of small business owners begging for our property rights and for common sense. You sold out Raj, and now you are reaping the reward.

  2. sue c.

    I agree, Sheila. The latest lies, deceptions, and false ads by Goyle tell me something though. Since he is burning up his reputation, I doubt that he will be in Kansas for very long after he loses. He is obviously on his way back to DC and one of his progressive think tanks or ACLU gigs.

    Someone who would be considering continuing their political future in Kansas would not be ruining it as we speak. Just reading the tea leaves…

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