Pompeo: No debt ceiling hike without structural changes


In a press conference held yesterday, U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo, a Wichita Republican, said the country can’t risk continuing to spend at the present rate. There should be no agreement to raise the debt ceiling absent structural changes, he added.

He called for “real short term savings” in 2012 and spending limitations. He also said he supported an amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced budget.

On federal spending, Pompeo said “I’ve been here six months now. If there’s one thing that’s become very clear, this town is a place that is addicted to spending.” He described the direction of spending as a “one-way ratchet,” saying the trend has accelerated in the last 24 months. The federal government should do what every state must do, which is to live on a balanced budget. The balanced budget amendment, Pompeo said, would require this.

He criticized President Barack Obama for his “class warfare argument” against the corporate jet industry. Pompeo said the airplanes built in Wichita are business tools used by businesses all over the world. Two-thirds are sold outside of North America, he added.

Pompeo characterized the president’s criticisms as a political statement. The tax provisions Obama criticizes have a cost of two to three billion dollars over ten years. Pompeo compared this to the current deficit for this year and for future years according to the president’s budget, which he said is $1.5 trillion each year.

Pompeo said he sent the president a letter (text of the letter is here) inviting him to Kansas to see our aircraft manufacturing industry, noting that many of the workers are union workers. He added that if the president continues to talk down the industry, “making it politically incorrect to fly in a Kansas-built airplane, we’ll sell fewer all over the world, and we’ll build fewer in America.”

On the possibility of Social Security checks not being sent if the debt ceiling is not raised, Pompeo said that there is money to pay the benefits, and the president has authority to pay. Obama is trying to scare seniors and Americans as a tactic to get the debt ceiling raised, he said.

On the failure of H.R. 2417: Better Use of Light Bulbs Act to pass, Pompeo said he hopes this measure will come back in a form that requires only a simple majority to pass. This bill, which would overturn legislation that essentially outlaws ordinary incandescent light bulbs, was brought to the floor under suspension of the rules, and therefore required a two-thirds majority to pass. The bill received a simple majority, but failed to reach the two-thirds level.


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  1. T. Rex

    Bob, how does an older, overweight, unemployed person like you get to fund the pursuit of your obsessions on this blog?

  2. greg

    t rex—typical liberal, you can not give an orderly, constructive argument,, so you make an unfounded personal attack. Bob is only after what is best for Wichita and it’s surrounding area and people.

  3. It’s a good point


    Why can’t anyone ever make a point about a conservative that’s not 100% favorable? I agree with T. Rex, even though he said it in a little rude way. I thought he was talking about Pompeo at first. HA!

    How exactly *does* Bob keep this thing running? Who funds it? How much is he paid? This is no small endeavor, and there’s no way these ads put food on his table.

    Come clean, Bob. Who’s funding this site?

  4. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t recommend that Bob respond to drive-by commenters who won’t even use their name. How chicken is that?

    And do you make these demands from chicken anonymous bloggers like “Dome on the Range” who won’t reveal their identity?

    Or Kansas Jackass before that? Of course, everyone in his cellblock knows him well by now, I’m sure.

    Liberals in Kansas are a yellow-bellied bunch, that’s for sure.

  5. T. Rex

    Oh yeah, liberals are a yellow bellied bunch all right, Anonymous. You “forgot” to mention your name, street address and Social Security number. It’s a lot more yellow bellied to stand with the powerful and rich against the sick, weak and vulnerable.

    Anonymous, you also didn’t seem to get that what I said about Mr. Weeks is all _true_. Is he older? YES. Overweight? YES. Unemployed? YES. It’s not my problem if you think these accurate descriptions of Mr. Weeks are insulting. Deal with the objective facts.

    What I asked is a legitimate question. Mr. Weeks hates every form of government. Where does his income come from? Does he get Social Security payments, and if so, why? He was fired from his last job, correct? Why? How is he qualified to give his opinions about economic issues when he couldn’t even stay employed in the private sector? Perhaps he can show us how free markets work and get honest, open employment. Perhaps he should disclose his personal interests in all of this. Is he getting nice checks from the Kochs? That’s a very good possibility since he never says anything critical of the Koch brothers.

    Have a nice day!

  6. Anonymous

    I think T.Rex’s stalking of Bob and the attempt to shift the focus away from issues is recognition that T.Rex knows how effective Bob is. Why else would this person come back again and again and make personal attacks that have no relevance? At the same time this person has no arguments that address the issues at hand.

    Face it, T.Rex, every comment of yours is an admission that you have nothing to say except the same bullying that we see on schoolyard playgrounds. It must be painful for you to realize this.

  7. Ha!

    So now posting critical comments = “stalking.” Crazy Far Right-wing Logic 101.

    “Umemployed” blog writing bullies (paid by billionaire bullies) being criticized = “bullying.” Crazy Far Right-wing Logic 205: “Advanced BS”

    Doing *exactly* the same type of criticism against your opposition you complain about: “perfectly reasonable.” Masters in Conservative Nonsense

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