President Obama’s job approval in Kansas


The job approval rating for President Obama in Kansas is on a downhill trend.

The following chart compiles Obama’s approval polls in Kansas since he took office. The surveys were conducted by SurveyUSA. Usually about 600 responses were collected, and the sampling error is 4 percent.

The question asked of respondents is: “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as President?”

President Obama job approval in Kansas


One response to “President Obama’s job approval in Kansas”

  1. KShistorian

    These poll numbers are fascinating. The undecided have almost entirely disappeared. That is remarkable. That almost never happens.

    What is also remarkable is the size of the opposition to President Barrack Hussein Obama here. It is 2-1! While Kansas is a reliably Republican state in presidential elections, this can often be close. LBJ was the last Democrat to carry Kansas but others have run well here.

    In 1992 Bill Clinton lost Kansas by less than 60,000 votes. Jimmy Carter lost Kansas by less than 75,000 votes. If these poll numbers stand up in the 2012 presidential election, Obama will lose to his GOP opponent in KS by 350,000-to-500,000.

    This would translate into a tidal wave nationally if a similar shift occurs in the other 49 states. One might call such a shift to be incredible, but who would have believed as early as the beginning of this year that the most popular statewide politician in Massachusetts would be their recently elected Republican US senator!

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