Raj Goyle attacked from left


In the Kansas House of Representatives this year, Raj Goyle, a Wichita Democrat who is a candidate for that party’s nomination for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas made a few votes that were out of character for him, based on his past record.

In particular, Goyle voted against the bill that increased spending, mostly for schools and social services, and against the bill that raised the statewide sales tax in order to pay for that spending. These votes allowed Goyle to obtain the relatively high ranking of 67% on the Kansas Economic Freedom Index. In rankings for previous years, first produced by the Kansas Taxpayers Network and then Americans for Prosperity-Kansas, his ratings were in 2009: 9%, 2008: 38%, and 2007: 41%.

Kansas fourth district voters who are interested in a conservative representative in Congress who will work for limited government probably aren’t fooled by Goyle’s apparent election-year transformation. He’s trying, though. As noted earlier this year, Goyle’s campaign website doesn’t mention his party affiliation.

Not everyone is happy with Goyle’s votes this year in the Kansas legislature. The following letter in today’s Wichita Eagle criticized Goyle from the left for not voting to raise taxes to fund increased government spending. It seems like no one knows the real Raj Goyle and what he believes.

Explain vote

We should require that state Rep. Raj Goyle, D-Wichita, who is running for the 4th Congressional District seat, give an explanation as to why he voted against raising our state sales tax. In voting “no,” Goyle showed a callous disregard for helping our public schools and those individuals with disabilities.

A true Democrat, as was shown by our governor, makes sure that children and vital services for the poor are not left behind in the budget-cutting process.

What was Goyle’s motive for voting against the sales tax? Is it possible he would do anything to get elected, even if it means abandoning the core principles of his party? Or was his vote one of pure political expediency in trying to fool the public into thinking that he is not a real Obama-type liberal?



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  1. Sheila

    He IS an Obama Liberal. And he only voted against the sales tax increase for political purposes. Bob is right on all counts.

  2. Levi


    Are you on payroll for the Pompeo campaign now? When did you decide it was okay to leave out the pertinent facts here: Mr. Myers is a Newton Republican (you know this) and a Pompeo supporter.

    Tell me, again, why is it that Mr. Edward A. Myers, a Pompeo supporting Republican, would have the inside track on how “the left” really feels about Rep. Goyle?

    Stop participating in the hackery, Bob. This was a set-up; you know it, too. The question is whether you participated from the beginning of this or were duped just like the Wichita Eagle. You’re not holding true to your values, at any rate. You always do the legwork on stories; on this one, you failed to do something as simple as run Mr. Myers’ voter registration. It’s my belief you did so intentionally.

  3. Mike

    Hi, you’re assuming that someone that Mike Pompeo thinks is smart enough to claim him as a supporter, would actually use his real name, and claim to be a True Democrat? If he did, maybe he needs to find someone else to support?? My name really is Mike, but my give a damn quotient is high enough that I don’t put my whole name and address.

    Wichita KS

  4. Anonymous

    Wow…returned a call from you… seemed like you had good messages in your commercials… and no answer…. impressive… wanted to campaign for you… but, you call from a number where you cannot be reached
    316 807 8438
    Scares the crap out of me

    so I vote for you why?

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