For Raj Goyle, most money comes from outside Kansas


In the race for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas between Democrat Raj Goyle and Republican Mike Pompeo, there’s a distinct difference in the nature and source of campaign contributions for the two candidates. So far, 70 percent of Goyle’s campaign contributions have come from donors outside Kansas, with Washington DC being the metropolitan area with the highest source of contributions.

Analysis of campaign contributions may be found at, a project of the Center for Responsive Politics. The following tables are based on data through the last comprehensive reporting period, which ended June 30, 2010.

As of that date, Goyle had raised $1,255,403, and Pompeo had raised $935,084.

The distribution between in-state and out-of-state donors is this:

                In Kansas       Out of Kansas
Raj Goyle     $306,151 (30%)    $721,322 (70%)
Mike Pompeo   $646,572 (79%)    $167,743 (21%)

During the primary election, a frequent criticism of Pompeo made by his opponents was that he was a “Washington insider,” and that was where much of his support and campaign funds were coming from. When looking at the metropolitan areas that contributions have come from, we see that little of Pompeo’s campaign contributions came from Washington, while Washington is the single largest source of Goyle’s funds, outpacing Wichita, the dominant population center in the fourth Congressional district of Kansas:

For Raj Goyle:
Metro Area                  Total
WICHITA                   $169,851
NEW YORK                  $109,385
KANSAS CITY, MO-KS        $105,400
SAN FRANCISCO              $35,552

For Mike Pompeo:
Metro Area                  Total
WICHITA                   $585,617
CHICAGO                    $20,400
KANSAS CITY, MO-KS         $17,250
DALLAS                     $11,950

An area of concern for some voters is the influence of political action committees (PACs). In the primary election, Pompeo’s opponents made frequent charges that he was beholden to PAC money. Looking again at data from OpenSecrets, we see that Goyle has received $76,250 in contributions from sources that OpenSecrets classifies as PACs. The figure for Pompeo is $28,000.

OpenSecrets also classifies contributions based on the industry of the donor. For each candidate, here are the top five industries that made contributions:

For Raj Goyle:
Sector                   Total
Lawyers & Lobbyists    $120,538
Finance/Insur/RealEst  $104,500
Ideology/Single-Issue  $100,629
Other                   $75,094
Health                  $72,403

For Mike Pompeo:
Sector                   Total
Finance/Insur/RealEst  $102,993 
Energy/Nat Resource     $62,850 
Construction            $35,950 
Other                   $35,700 
Lawyers & Lobbyists     $33,150 

In the Republican primary, Pompeo’s opponents charged that he was too close to lobbyists, but this category made up relatively little of his campaign dollars. If lobbyist contributions are a concern for voters, this industry category is the leading source of contributions for Goyle.

An area where Goyle does better than Pompeo is in what OpenSecrets calls “quality of disclosure,” meaning how well the contributions include the names of donors and their occupations and employers. For Goyle, 3.1 percent of the contributions (based on dollar amounts) have “incomplete” or “none” for these pieces of data. For Pompeo, the figure is 11.8 percent.

These reports include contributions made only through June 30, 2010. The focus at that time was the primary election, more for Republicans than Democrats, as Goyle faced an inexperienced and under-funded candidate, although at one time Goyle trailed in a poll. Now that the general election is the focus for both candidates, the characteristics and distribution of contributions may change.


9 responses to “For Raj Goyle, most money comes from outside Kansas”

  1. Anonymous

    Pompeo says Goyle refuses to agree to any debates where there is open question and answer. Guess Goyle doesn’t want to have to defend the money train.

  2. Raul Brito

    How do we get this information out to the general public? One does not have to be a political guru to understand that a candidates support/loyality is from the “people” who support him. People who support a candidate strongly contribute finacially to his/hers campaign.

  3. sue c.

    Great article, Bob. Glad to see this get the sunshine. Thank goodness we have a few investigative journalists like you!

    Don’t expect this to be “of interest” for the Liberal Wichita Eagle, though. They are 100% behind Goyle.

    Luckily, very few people read it anymore.

  4. Paula

    We really need to get this information out to the general public.

    The minute I found out he worked at the Center for American Progress, I suspected he was a left wing liberal, dedicated to passing all of Obama’s agenda.

    Since then, he has been able to get the Huffington Post to write a mean article about Pompeo. And, now we find out that he has received MORE money from people in Washington DC, than Wichita.

    This guy is a “Sure Vote” for anything PELOSI tells him to vote for. HOW CAN WE GET THIS INFORMATION OUT??? Please tell us. We will help any way we can.

  5. Anonymous

    Doesn’t “incomplete” or “none” mean small, less than $200, donations.

    Which would mean it is not necessarily good to have a lower percentage of that, grassroots type, support.

  6. ictator

    The eagle makes a big deal about much smaller campaign donations for city and other local offices, but not for their former employee, Rajiv Goyle. The eagle is operating like their sister liberal paper–the Red Star in Kansas City.

  7. Anonymous

    What is the difference here? Besides the fact that Goyle recieved 50% more from outside Kansas. Both accepted out of state money and BOTH are bad news for Kansas. Is a criminal 25% or 75% nice?? No! He is 100% bad at all times! Good article though.

  8. […] 5. In Kansas' Fourth District, Bob Weeks has broken down the race between Mike Pompeo v. State Representative Raj Goyle on where their campaign contributions come from. […]

  9. “What is the difference here? Besides the fact that Goyle recieved 50% more from outside Kansas. Both accepted out of state money and BOTH are bad news for Kansas. Is a criminal 25% or 75% nice?? No! He is 100% bad at all times! Good article though.”

    >>It is easy to see why you posted anonymously. I wouldn’t want anyone to know how stupid I was either. Goyle has 70% from outside of Kansas, while Pompeo had 80% from in Kansas. How in the heck is that 50/50. Put in other words it is more than $3 to Pompeo from Kansas, to every one $1 to Goyle from Kansas. It is also 3-to-1 in dollars donated from Wichita, and Goyle only lacked approximately $2000, from receiving as much money from Washington, as Pompeo received from Wichita. The last thing we need is another Washington insider, indebted to his contributors, when that is the problem now. There is one place where Goyle outdid Pompeo. He received four times more money from the lawyer and lobbyist, or should I say the sleaziest slime-balls in the PAC game.

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