Roger Marshall campaign setting new standards


Attacks on Tim Huelskamp reveal the worst in political campaigning.

When the campaign of Roger Marshall accuses Tim Huelskamp of being in favor of abortion, you know his campaign is spiraling out of control. Either that, or the Marshall campaign is deliberately lying about a politician’s record.

Beyond this issue, the Marshall campaign and its surrogates are making arguments that simply have no basis in reality. An example is one radio ad, placed by an independent spending group, that uses the term “Washing-Tim.” The ad tries to persuade voters that Huelskamp has sold out to the Washington establishment. That is a true whopper, as Huelskamp has been anything but an establishment crony.

As an example, Huelskamp opposed the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank last year. This is an issue that draws a bright line, with progressive Democrats and left-wing Republicans on one side, and free-market, limited government conservatives on the other. The issue truly and precisely sorts politicians into two groups, and Huelskamp is on the right side of this issue. Which is to say, the non-establishment side. Yet, we get “Washing-Tim” from Marshall supporters.

Part of the problem is that officeholders in legislatures, both state and federal, must often vote on bills that contain hundreds of provisions. This bundling of so many often disparate issues into one vote allows unscrupulous campaigns to label someone as a supporter of an issue. That’s what the Marshall campaign and its surrogates are doing.

Mark Holden, a top leader of groups that support free-market causes including Americans for Prosperity, told The Hill this:

I don’t know who is behind [the ESAFund], I’ve heard different rumors about it, but Mr. Singer and the Ricketts family have been good partners of ours in the past and in the present as well. I totally am mystified by Ending Spending and their point of view. I just wonder who could be better [than Huelskamp] on the issues that a group like Ending Spending, I mean their whole name … who could be better on these issues than Tim Huelskamp? If you believe in fiscal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, the proper role of government, particularly on these economic issues that I’m talking about and that our network is focused on; we don’t know of anyone who’s better than Tim Huelskamp.

Huelskamp’s free-market bona fides are buttressed by his lifetime ratings with groups that focus on fiscal conservatism. Club for Growth rates Huelskamp at 100 percent lifetime. Americans for Prosperity scores him at 98 percent.

During election season, especially in close campaigns, we’re accustomed to seeing campaigns paint opponents in unflattering light. The Roger Marshall campaign and its surrogates, however, may be establishing a new standard for deceptive behavior and outright lies.


2 responses to “Roger Marshall campaign setting new standards”

  1. Roberta Bretz

    Can they (the Marshall campaign) be prosecuted for lying? Many of their ads are outright lies. It’s disgusting, but also concerning, as many voters just believe what they hear without thinking it through or doing any research to see what’s true and what’s not.
    No one should get away with that sort of deception.

  2. two days out from the primary election, I have confidence based on what I’ve heard and read, that Huelskamp will prevail. I certainly pray for that. But to me, at this point, I understand all the clearer how determined the RINO establishment/chamber of commerce crowd is to destroy the conservative agenda, and to chase out all who would vote in favor of it. that Ending Spending Action Fund (hah, whatta hypocritical name) pulled out all the stops in targeting Tim. In the upcoming 4 years I have no better
    political hopes than to support the House Freedom Caucus members and Cruz and Lee and Cotton, and wait it out until we get another shot at implementing Constitutional conservatism. Kudos to BOB WEEKS for accurate and incisive reporting…..he won’t be put off by the lies!!!

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