Socialism embraced in Washington today


I’m not one to throw around charges of socialism lightly. For one thing, the term has devolved to have several meanings, and it’s not always clear which of the several meanings the speaker or writer intends.

It’s also a highly charged term that usually overstates the case when it is used. Cathy Young explained in Reason Magazine: “To those who remember the murderous horror that was the USSR, this flippant use of Communist and Soviet analogies should be deeply offensive, indeed obscene — the right-wing equivalent of the leftist habit of flinging Nazi metaphors at conservatives.”

But at today’s rally in Washington, Americans for Prosperity found many examples of people reveling in socialism.


2 responses to “Socialism embraced in Washington today”

  1. Chuck

    I don’t think the video I saw represented a lot of people in at the rally. I used to see the same sort of extreme left literature when I was in college, and everyone more or less ignored it. Of course, there have been similar videos posted to youtube of people with racist, ignorant or just plain insulting signs at various tea party rallies. It would be just as unfair to paint all the participants in the same way.

  2. Anonymous

    Corporatists are what the Washington politicians are. In socialism, everyone gets a cut. I have not seen a cut for me (I would not take it). Don’t get it confused.

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