Soros watch launched


George Soros: Media Mogul. Dan Gainor and Iris Somberg of the Business and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center, have produced a report on the media-related activities of liberal financier George Soros. In the executive summary, Gainor and Somberg report: “George Soros is arguably the most influential liberal financier in the United States, donating more than $8 billion just to his Open Society Foundations. In 2004, he spent more than $27 million to defeat President George W. Bush and has given away millions more since to promote the left-wing agenda. But what goes almost without notice is Soros’ extensive influence on and involvement with the media.

His media funding has helped create a liberal ‘echo chamber,’ in the words of one group he backs, ‘in which a message pushes the larger public or the mainstream media to acknowledge, respond, and give airtime to progressive ideas because it is repeated many times.’” The liberal echo chamber is quite effective, with stories spreading rapidly across a network of media outlets. Liberal politicians — even President Obama — pick up on and repeat the echoes. The executive summary of the report is at George Soros: Media Mogul — Lefty Businessman Spends Millions Funding Journalism. That page contains a link to the full report and additional material.

You’ll also want to be aware of how George Soros was convicted for insider trading. The New York Times reports in Insider trading conviction of Soros is upheld: “The highest court in France on Wednesday rejected a bid by George Soros, the billionaire investor, to overturn a conviction for insider trading in a case dating back nearly 20 years, leaving the first blemish on his five-decade investing career”

Or, in French court upholds Soros conviction the Times reported: “The conviction of George Soros, the billionaire investor and former fund manager, on insider trading charges was upheld on Thursday by a French appeals court, which rejected his argument that his investment in a French bank in 1988 was not based on confidential information. Soros, 74, now retired from money management but active as a philanthropist and author, was ordered to pay a fine of €2.2 million, or $2.9 million, representing the money made by funds he managed from an investment in Société Générale.”

Another source of critical information about Soros is the Conservapedia article on George Soros.

For those not familiar with the name, Soros is a wealthy currency speculator who funds many leftist organizations. The term “astroturfing” — lately used to discredit the authenticity of the recent tea parties — describes Soros’ efforts to a tea, if I may say so.


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  1. Eddie

    I agree George Soros is against the Tea parties. He is a globalist. I just wish we could stop making this about the two parties. If you look throughout history the elite rule through divide and conquer. There were no party signs at the tea party that I saw, and that is good. We need to let them know that this is not about left and right. It’s about the central banks along with the help of our government fleecing us of everything our ancestors and founding fathers worked and died for.
    Once we turn it into a left or right movement we have lost half of our numbers and you can believe that is what they are counting on. The media starting calling it right wing day one. Don’t fall for it! People Unite and stand for something real rather than a cartoon character of an Elephant or a Donkey.
    Long live the Republic!

  2. search for “the men behind Barack”
    A usurper and a fresh politically correct face for the global money lenders.
    Webster Tarpley has it right! Oct. 8 and the video has been right on…

  3. Timothy Hunter, South Florida

    I have hoped someone would do what you are doing. I may be able to help you in you do good work.

    P.S. I don’t see what Geroge Soros has to do with Kansas. If you have any reason to link Soros with Kansas, please do so for it would be intersting. All Americans are certaining interested in your former government who quit and dropped out – Sibelius (not the composter).

  4. Anonymous

    the link does not work.

  5. Anonymous

    Interesting that he is 80 years old and still going. Well, he’s gonna die soon because his lifestyle causes a lot of stress. Question is: Who is going to wave his flag with the furror he has demonstrated for all his life? Not obama, he is just a pawn.

  6. Anonymous

    What, If Any, is his connection with South Carolina politics?

  7. Skyknight

    You would think that as evil as this man is someone would take him out, possible Mosad as he is a traitor Jew.

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