Stephen Moore: Tea party like “sonic boom”


Speaking at a recent event held by the Sam Adams Alliance, Wall Street Journal editorial board member and economist Stephen Moore told tea party protesters that “the message that you all delivered was heard like a sonic boom in Washington. We’ve never seen anything like it.”

He said that the tea party protesters are angry about the outrageous bailouts and the unbelievable amount of debt the country is taking on.

He told the audience that an article in the Wall Street Journal estimated that if we go forward with the Obama plan, it will cost the average American family $100,000 over its lifetime. So when a CNN reporter asked why the tea party protesters aren’t appreciative of a $400 rebate, what’s that compared to $100,000?


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  1. Mike Shaw

    I’m glad if Washington really did hear us, but I doubt they will remember unless we remind them regularly and frequently. It is important they don’t forget. They would rather waste time with hearings about drugs in professional baseball than attend to the job they were hired to do. Most will have to loose their jobs in 2010 before we see a difference. They are hoping we will forget soon.
    We need to elect conservatives; not Republicans or demokrats who walk a party line, but people who already know who their bosses are. Us…the voting citizens of the greatest country God ever gave to humankind. If we don’t do our part and elect true conservatives we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Each of us most do our part and stay involved.

  2. The tea parties were a good start. We have a while yet before the elections and we need to keep up the pressure. We need to call out the officials who ignore our will and make sure that the electorit does not forget who the Obama loyalists are. We need to vote them all out Republican and Democrat alike if they do not legislate our will.

  3. James Gragg

    With the recent exposure of the speaker of the house lying about Gitmo “intergorations”; Republicans have proved that no one can trust Democrates, and Democrates have proven (by “Bush’s War”) that no one can trust Republicans either.

    FIRE THEM ALL! Clean slate time. Its good to see this much political “activisim” during a non-election period. Good place to build from, even if the “numbers” overall are currently “low.”

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