Tiahrt poll indicates closer Kansas Senate contest


A new poll shows Todd Tiahrt gaining ground on Jerry Moran in the contest for the Republican Party nomination for the United States Senate from Kansas.

The poll, which was conducted on behalf of the Tiahrt campaign, showed Moran with 37 percent and Tiahrt with 34 percent. 26 percent were undecided.

These results indicate a much closer contest than other polling. As the Wichita Eagle’s reporting noted, “Campaigns often don’t release internal poll results. It should be noted that they are undertaken by partisan polling operations and should be viewed in that context.”

Tiahrt also picked up an endorsement from radio talk show host and Fox News personality Sean Hannity. Hannity said “Sarah Palin endorsed him; Mark Levin endorsed him. A great protector of our Constitution, if you are out in Kansas, you’ve got to pay attention to Todd Tiahrt. He is pro-family, pro-Second Amendment. This is the kind of commonsense conservative we need in the US Senate. He’s never voted for a tax increase; He fought to end wasteful spending coming out of Washington. That’s the kind of guy we’re looking for.”


2 responses to “Tiahrt poll indicates closer Kansas Senate contest”

  1. Historianict

    Jerry Moran will be endorsed by the Kansas news media. This is a clear indicator of who the real conservative in this race is…..not!

    Unlike Todd, Jerry is not a fighter on conservative issues. I’ll stick with Todd.

  2. Lauren

    I enjoy politics, but the Moran-Tiahrt battle is too much for me. With such snarky, critical remarks from both campaigns I can understand why voters want to stay home.

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