Tweets from RightOnline 2011


Some of my favorite tweets I sent during the RightOnline 2011 (#ro11) conference in Minneapolis, a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation:

It’s great to have 52 Kansans here at RightOnline 2011. #ro11

Michelle Malkin: They stifle us through the criminalization of conservative thought. #ro11

Erick Ericson: The bad economist, like the liberal, sees only the immediate effects, not the unseen. #ro11

S.E. Cupp: New York is all Weiner, all the time. It’s too much Weiner. #ro11

Tim Huelskamp, first member of Congress to bring an Ipad to the speaker’s podium. #ro11

Huelskamp: It is a spending problem, a power problem. It is Washington telling us what to do with our own money. #ro11

Michele Bachmann: At the debate, I was worried they might ask “boxers or briefs?” #ro11

Michele Bachmann: Barack Obama will be a one-term president! (The audience chants along) Her tagline, it seems. #ro11

Michele Bachmann: Barack Obama, as a senator, voted against raising the debt ceiling, calling the need a failure of leadership. #ro11

Michele Bachmann: I introduced the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act. #ro11

Whew! Finished with my two presentations at RightOnline! #ro11

Ken Cucinelli is suing my state’s former governor. #ro11

Minnesota is not a right to work state. I’m sorry I’m here now. #ro11

Obama should reject reject teleprompters so as to employ cue card holders. #ro11


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