Why attend a tax day tea party protest?


This Wednesday, citizens across the country will attend tax day tea party protests across the country.

Why should you attend a tax day tea party protest in your town? After all, it seems a little counter-intuitive. Isn’t the stimulus for our own good?

Some have pointed out that President Obama has promised a tax cut for middle-class Americans. So in effect, we’re protesting against something that benefits us — at least the middle-class protesters. This only serves to illustrate the greed and selfishness of the left.

Instead, tea party protesters are concerned about the future of our country for everyone — rich, poor, and middle-class. They see that the present path of bailouts and huge federal spending increases are not in the best interest of America.

Tea party protesters recognize that in order to stimulate the economy, someone has to pay for the stimulus spending. Extracting that payment — be it through higher taxes now, or through higher taxes later to repay borrowed funds, or by cranking up the printing presses to create new money that destroys the value of savings — causes more harm than the stimulus spending creates good.

They recognize that the stimulus spending creates new dependent constituencies that will be difficult to shed once the need for stimulus has passed — if indeed it ever does.

They see lobbyists lining up to make sure their clients get something — even if that spending doesn’t produce stimulus for America.

They recognize that increasing government takeover of industry means more power for politicians and less for consumers. Soon, we may all be driving cars designed by congressional committee.

They recognize that a government takeover of health care means government will seek to control more of our personal behaviors. After all, they’re paying the bill.

We’re on the verge of a tipping point. Once past it, once more and more Americans pay no income tax and become dependent on government, it will be difficult for freedom-loving Americans to reverse the course.

That’s why it’s important to get our message out now.

Join a tea party protest in your town.


3 responses to “Why attend a tax day tea party protest?”

  1. Matt Styles

    Well put everything you said hits strait at the heart of why I am attending my local Tea Party. The very idea of government controlled banks, hospitals, and the like aught to scare the living crap out of anybody with a mind to think. We are a Republic heading for socialism so fast that I am not sure if we can stop it. I, however, am going to do my part however and wherever I can. This Wednesday Myself and some friends and anyone I can convince will be attending our local party.

    Get out there a Raise your Voice…this is our country still.

  2. I’m driving with a carload of friends & family about 30 miles to stand on the steps of the state capitol to protest the ridiculous tax increases!! I am fed up with the socialist takeover of our Federal government and the established socialist control of the state of Washington gov. I hope to be joining 10,000 of our friends there. Never protested anything in my life before. Just took it my stride and used my vote to try to change things. Now our Hope & Change government is hoping they can Chain us to an even Bigger Gov without us uttering a word. After the tea party we’ll be organizing more protests and work on electing responsible state and fed gov officials. We have to do this to save our nation. There is no turning back now. I’m not giving up!

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