Wichita tea party: citizens speak


At the tax day tea party in Wichita, citizens showed their protest signs and talked about the message they want to send to Washington.


3 responses to “Wichita tea party: citizens speak”

  1. Val at Valhalla

    Excessive taxation by the Federal Government is bankrupting the country!

  2. Mike

    Hi, I think that the 1k is a fairly low estimation of the crowd. I didn’t show up until a little before 6 PM since I have an actual job and all. I met roughly 100 people who were leaving. Other People kept coming and going the whole time I was there (7:15). There were six of us from my aircraft company group.

    Remember, conservatives can’t have a great grassroots program like the libs can. We have to provide income for both groups.


  3. C.I. Crouch

    A quick report from Overland Park JOCO Community College….a really polite crowd of 3500 (many more came and went after 6pm to hear a Fair Tax presentation at Yardley hall) of all ages and political views. I was impressed by the number of women and everyone I talked to had never protested before. Most of us there normally are a bit laid back and don’t like to create a scene. But enough is enough. Stand up America…let your voices be heard…we surround them! This is not a racist event about a black President….it’s socialism vs. free market capitalism.

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