Wichita Tea Party News Coverage on KSN Television


The Wichita Tea Party protest as covered by KSN Television, February 27, 2009. A very good job by reporter Josh Witsman.

“Someone needs to go and cut up Congress and President Obama’s credit card, because it’s not their credit card — it’s our credit card.”


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  1. Susan Brubaker

    Get out and protest! You are being handed the largest pork barrel and idiotic spending spree and you are all comatose. Remember the snow fell in OZ and saved Dorothy, so this is your blizzard. We have been whamboozeled by greed and corruption from a deceitful political face who is telling us what what is best. They work for us, not us for them. Housing started this and that was months ago. What have they done? Foreclosure is delcared on them and a House Cleaning will take place. We sign the checks and they buck stops here. Foreclosure on the House and Senate is Declared. Let Liberty Ring! This is not Monopoly Money and they do not get a get out of jail free pass to spend Trillions . They have an addiction to our money and they will tax us to death with this addiction. Stop the addiction! DECLARE FORECLOSURE ON THEM!

  2. We all need to wake up and put a stop to the non-representative representation we have been suffering under for the past half century. This has come to the full length of the leash we have given them, and we need to haul in sharply. We not only need Tea Parties, we need a whole new congress, and we need it fast.
    If we don’t do something now, by 2012, our enemies in Washington DC will have made it impossible for us to do anything but submit.

  3. Mike

    All of you hosting or going to tea partys need to check out this site!!!!!


  4. Anonymous

    Who funds Americans for Prosperity?

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