Wichitan appears on Glenn Beck television program


Wichita’s (actually, Garden Plain’s) Nancy Armstrong appears on the Glenn Beck television show on the Fox News network to talk about her political transformation. Her blog is Ms Placed Democrat.


6 responses to “Wichitan appears on Glenn Beck television program”

  1. Larry

    Good shot.

  2. […] thanks goes to Wichita Liberty for this post. I love you Bob. Thanks for all the support. Thanks to all my other friends…you […]

  3. Mike

    Keep up the good work, Nancy!

  4. Thank you Bob for your support. I was able to send the link to hubby so he could watch. They don’t have the Glenn Beck Show where he is at right now!

  5. Nancy. You rock!

  6. Wendy

    Cool !!!
    Nancy you did a great job!

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