George W. Bush leads in discretionary spending


In an article published by The Cato Institute (Bush Beats Johnson: Comparing the Presidents), we can read this:

Revised data released during the summer by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provide analysts the ability to make side-by-side comparisons of the spending habits of each president during the last 40 years. All presidents presided over net increases in spending overall, though some were bigger spenders than others. As it turns out, George W. Bush is one of the biggest spenders of them all. In fact, he is an even bigger spender than Lyndon B. Johnson in terms of discretionary spending.

This is before the prescription drug plan spending has started, and before costs from the recent hurricanes were known.

It makes me long for the days of the Clinton presidency, when a Congress led by the opposing party seemed to hold spending in check. But now that Republicans hold both Congress and the White House, it seems that spending is spiraling out of control.


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  1. […] Besides, there’s a measure of irony in the Left criticizing people for failing to protest something they support — increased government spending. As mentioned here and elsewhere, Bush was the champion of discretionary spending. […]

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