I Tested My Politics


I came across a test designed to place you and your political thoughts on a map of political ideologies. The test I took is here.

These tests can be fun, but in the case of this particular example, I wondered how some questions had any relevance to politics. In these tests I also find that some questions are leading and seem to be designed to get people to answer a certain way.

On this test, here are the results reported for me: “You are a Social Liberal (76% permissive) and an Economic Conservative (93% permissive). You are best described as a Libertarian.”

When my results were compared to those of famous people, I’m right alongside Thomas Jefferson, which is pretty good company. Plotted on a map of political ideologies, I’m in the libertarian area, but right near the border of anarchist.

Interestingly, whose photo do you suppose appears squarely in the socialist region? Barack Obama.

Advocates for Self-Government has a short quiz that has been cited as reliable. A quiz I would encourage everyone to take is the Are You an Austrian quiz (really an examination) at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.


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