Downtown Wichita Arena Spire. Wow.


Here’s a photograph I took of the spire on the Intrust Bank Arena now under construction in downtown Wichita. You may be excused for confusing it with a non-functional flagpole.

Downtown Wichita Intrust Arena Spire

There was actually a ceremony surrounding the raising of this pole. Here’s what one Wichita Eagle letter-writer thought of the spire and Sedgwick County Commissioners.

Signatures on spire reflect arrogance

How dare our local elected officials write their names on any part of the people’s arena, as the Sedgwick County commissioners did on the downtown arena’s “spire” this week? This is called graffiti, and if anyone else were caught putting this visual garbage on anything, he would be arrested for it, as our officials should be. The arena is not their personal property to deface. I have little doubt they already had grand plans to prominently place their names on the arena, bragging about “their” accomplishment, so writing on the arena was unnecessary as well as improper. This is just one more example of how completely out of touch and arrogant they all are and why they should all be removed from office. I truly believe the future will show the harm they have caused to this community when it comes to the white elephant they refer to as the Intrust Bank Arena.



3 responses to “Downtown Wichita Arena Spire. Wow.”

  1. Ron

    Jim, please relax. These public officials were elected by the people and they have a mandate to spend your money and mine; deface public property; and take illegal campaign contribution. We love our little “corruption” here in Wichita. We are not going to take a backseat to Mayor Daley and Chicago here.

  2. Ron Mayer

    Why is it named Intrust Bank Arena instead of Wichita Arena?

  3. Honse

    Yeah Jim, relax jeez. I hope you don’t have that big of conniption when they mess up your order at the drive-through.

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