How are Tim Norton and Marcey Gregory For Low Taxes in Sedgwick County?


Richard Taylor, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Kansas, in a news story stated “Marcy Gregory and Tim Norton are for low taxes and they are for jobs and people.”

I don’t know where Mr. Taylor learned about these two candidates, but stating that both are for low taxes must be based on something other than the records of these two candidates. In fact, this statement is so far removed from reality that I’m surprised a reputable news organization would repeat it.

For Commissioner Tim Norton, he urged the citizens of Sedgwick County to vote for an increase in the sales tax to pay for the downtown Wichita arena.

Then, as that tax was nearing its end, Norton “wondered … whether a 1 percent sales tax could help the county raise revenue.” (“Norton floats idea of 1 percent county sales tax,” Wichita Eagle, April 4, 2007) Fortunately, the other commissioners weren’t as enthusiastic about raising taxes as was Norton, and his proposal for extending the sales tax didn’t advance.

The property tax increase in August 2006 did advance and take effect, and Norton voted for that.

For Goddard Mayor Marcey Gregory, property taxes have increased under her leadership. It wasn’t long ago, so maybe that’s why Mr. Taylor doesn’t know about her record. But the increase was substantial: 16.6% in one year. That’s even though assessed values, and therefore tax revenues, in Goddard have been growing rapidly.

Mr. Taylor, where did you get the idea that these two candidates are for low taxes?


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  1. Richard

    Both Norton and Gregory and tax and spend Democrats. If they are elected to the Sedgwick County Commission they will have the majority to do as they please. Regulations and taxes will increase in our county.

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