Johnson County Republicans Enforce Party Discipline


Kansas Liberty, in the post JoCo GOP battle exposes party weaknesses reports on the recent Johnson County Republican Party leadership position elections. Unlike the same event in Sedgwick County, where dissent was discouraged (see Sedgwick County Republicans, Not All United), there was choice available to Republicans Kansas’ most populous county.

What also happened is that the Johnson County party suspended 15 precinct leaders (committeeman and committeewomen, presumably) for supporting and donating money to Democratic candidates who were running against Republicans. Tough crowd up there! We had a similar situation in Sedgwick County, where nominally Republican groups spent some $19,000 in an effort to elect a Democrat over Republican Karl Peterjohn to the Sedgwick County Commission. So far there hasn’t been similar outrage expressed here.


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  1. As far as “So far there hasn’t been similar outrage expressed here.” Its because the local media is directly a part of the “political machine” and will not cover such a “story.”

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