Karl Peterjohn is Sorely Needed in Sedgwick County


Wichita business leaders support Karl Peterjohn.

The recent opposition by certain Wichita aircraft executives to Karl Peterjohn — a well-respected and strong candidate for Sedgwick County Commission in District 3 — is ill-informed. Peterjohn, an economist by training, has long been an advocate for fiscal prudence and has fought, on behalf of the Kansas taxpayer, against government waste, abuse and fraud. The integrity and discipline of Peterjohn are sorely needed in these days of fiscal profligacy and deserve respect.

It is also unfortunate that the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee has chosen to support Peterjohn’s opponent, Goddard Mayor Marcey Gregory. She most recently succeeded in raising Goddard property taxes by 16.6 percent and is fiscally everything Peterjohn is not.

Peterjohn has fought for property tax relief for business and individuals at the Statehouse since 1993. He was instrumental in initial legislation, in the 1990s, that led to the complete elimination of the business personal property tax. Peterjohn understands the importance of a well-trained work force, and that was one of the reasons he ran for the Wichita school board in 2007.

Peterjohn opposed a 2006 property tax increase by the County Commission, which happened to include a $54 million earmark for Wichita Area Technical College to be used for an aviation technology center at Jabara Airport. Peterjohn opposed the county tax increase, not WATC.

Peterjohn has always been and remains a strong supporter of economic growth, the aircraft industry and free-market economics. The fact that Peterjohn supports voter approval of all tax increases should be applauded.

The letter was submitted by Colby Sandlian, John Belford, Jean Garvey, George Pearson, Don Slawson, Gerrit Wormhoudt, Cliff Sones, Johnny Stevens and Matt Eck.


2 responses to “Karl Peterjohn is Sorely Needed in Sedgwick County”

  1. Richard

    Jeff Turner and Harvey Sorensen are opposing Mr. Peterjohn because they are elitists that believe their opinions are more important than that of the average citizen.

  2. Debbie G.

    What you did not know about Jeff Turner, head of Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita.
    1) His company online ethics policy prohibits any “employee” from making unsubstantiated allegations in public.
    2) He was given stock options totalling $20 million dollars during the acquisition of Boeing by Spirit while getting rid of employees.
    3) Jeff Turner has yet to hire anyone from the training program that has been set up to train/retrain workers.

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