Marcey Gregory Letter Fact Check


A letter in the Wichita Eagle on October 26, 2008 contains a few inaccuracies — okay, lies — and I’m surprised it made it past the editors.

The Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce has said several times that Karl Peterjohn, in his interview before them, was confused about the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition and its role. I can’t imagine the interview proceeded as portrayed by Harvey Sorensen. Why do I say this? Because over the past few years, I’ve had several conversations with Karl about this organization and its role in Wichita.

A lie in this letter is when it states “… Gregory, as mayor of Goddard, has a record of keeping Goddard taxes low.” The record is that in her 1.5 years as mayor of Goddard, the property tax rate — the mill levy — increased by over 16%.

Karl’s consistent record against tax increases is to be commended. The mission statement of the Kansas Taxpayers Network, Karl’s employer for the past 15 years, is “Our mission is to represent Kansas taxpayers at the state and local level by advocating limited taxes and government spending to create a free market environment.” That’s who Karl’s been lobbying for.

Karl Peterjohn has been a watchdog and taxpayer advocate for the people. I’m proud to be a financial supporter of KTN.


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