Sedgwick County Republican Party: democracy in action?


I received this article from a local Republican activist who, obviously, isn’t satisfied with the way Fourth District Committee Delegates and Alternates are selected. As a committeeman myself, I have to say I agree. Last month the county party met to elect new officials: chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer. There was one slate of candidates, and any idea of presenting alternative candidates was strongly discouraged.

When I saw on the agenda that delegates would be elected, I passed a note to a friend of mine and asked if he would submit my name in nomination for delegate. Then I realized that the slate of delegates and alternates was pre-selected. The election was pro forma.

I agree with this writer that delegates and county party officers should be selected from the ranks of elected committeeman and committeewomen.

Who runs the Republican Party in Sedgwick County? On the surface a novice would say that the voters elect precinct committeemen and committeewomen. Then it would make sense that they get together and elect their executive committee from those who were elected by the voters … right? Okay, then they would also elect the Fourth District Committee Delegates and Alternates to represent the Republican voters at the state level from those elected by the voters. Keep in mind that we elect over 300 committee representatives every two years so there is definitely a large group to chose from.

SO … I ask why is it that of the current Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, only the Chair is an elected Precinct Committeeman?

ALSO … Why is it that out of 40 Delegates, 17 are not 2008 Precinct committee elected?

PLUS … Of the 40 Alternates, 16 are not 2008 Precinct committee elected?

AND … Why were people who are duly elected precinct committee people that have been delegates in the past taken off?

OH YEA … it is because a few people in a back room somewhere created a slate based on some God only knows criteria and presented it to the Precinct Committeemen and women as a SLATE to vote on.

So much for democracy and so much for running for office. Obviously the Republican positions of power are based on who you know and not on who the voters elected.


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  1. Jim Wagner

    As a first time, newly elected precinct committeeman myself, I have to say I was also extremely dissappointed with the process. At the very least, I would have rather had the oppurtunity to learn more about the persons put forward on the “SLATE” provided, so an informed decision could be made.

  2. Jeremy

    The 1st Distric meeting was no different.. the far-right party regulars got together and printed off a list of the people they wanted nominated for the rest of us to nominate and vote on. Once there were 37 alternate delegates nominated, there was an imediate motion to cease the nomination process, so that anyone else who wanted to nominate someone was out of order. It was nothing more than Neocons telling other neocons what to do. There was no real democratic process.

  3. Jack

    When moderate Republicans were in charge these issues were present too. Now, the conservative Republicans are doing the same thing. We replaced one “evil” for another one. As long, as people in America continue to be apathetic the few will control the action.
    No difference across the street with the Democrats.

  4. How sad it is that we have degenerated into the morass we see before us. Our fore fathers pledged their lives, liberty, fortunes and their sacred honor in an effort to bring forth a free nation.

    Perhaps it is time to create a new political party. Maybe those of us on the right and those on the left who believe in the free exercise of ideas, who can speak to each other without resorting to ad hominem attacks and who are interested in doing the right things for the country, the state and our communities should get together and mount an offensive beginning at the lowest level.

    We could start by telling the truth to the voters. Maybe we could even tell them things are not good and getting worse and it’s up to them and their efforts, involvement and votes to help fix things.

    Nah, most people are only interested in who’s going to win American Idol, if there’s beer in the fridge and enough money to buy pizza. The fate of the community, state, nation or world is too much trouble to think about.

    Why yes, I am a cynic (becoming a pessimist as well).

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