Sedgwick County Taxpayer Relief?


This was received from a friend, and was also printed in the Wichita Eagle. The writer accuses the Sedgwick County Commission of doing something “questionable.” He is being much too kind to the commission with his choice of words.

I read with great interest “Sedgwick County budget halts jail plans” (July 17 Eagle). What really caught my eye was the opening sentence, stating that this was a “move that would save taxpayers money.”

Why all of a sudden, after taking our tax money for two years for this purpose, did Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Tom Winters decide that we “can’t build our way out of a jail problem”? Why was this not discussed and concluded before commission members asked for a raise in the mill levy by 2.5 mills back in 2006 (for the aviation training school as well as the jail expansion), at an annual cost of $28.75 on a $100,000 home?

Since the money was not used for the purpose intended, shouldn’t the taxpayers be reimbursed for the taxes paid so far? Instead, I guess we are supposed to be overjoyed at the 1 mill that is to be given back to us now.

This is very questionable — taking money and not using it for the intended purpose and then giving back only a portion of our money taken.

I believe that every one of the county commissioners should be replaced just as soon as possible with new blood, and, I hope, with people who will think before they act and will do things honestly and above reproach.



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