Testimony supporting an arena re-vote


From Karl Peterjohn, Executive Director Kansas Taxpayers Network

We need to correct the flawed downtown arena proposal’s mistakes. Since the legislature authorized the county sales tax for the downtown arena it has become abundantly clear that the case against proceeding with the flawed arena project has been made. Enclosed with this testimony is a copy of the 2004 flyer used in that election campaign that shows that the critics of this proposal were correct on the key points in this project.

Here are key points why there should be a revote:

1) The 2004 cost estimates for the downtown arena project at $184.528 million were inaccurate (see county’s Sept. 1, 2004 arena document). The county now projects $201 million and that is likely to grow. In addition, new reports indicate that there is an effort to have the city fund $108 million in additional infrastructure changes for the arena and the area around it.

If the 1 cent sales tax was used entirely for property tax relief, the county’s mill levy could be dropped by roughly 20 mills or roughly 65 percent of the current mill levy.

If you divided the total county and city costs ($201 M + $108 M), that’s almost $700 per person or over $2,700 for a family of four. That’s excessive.

2) There is no anchor tenant for this facility. The Kansas Coliseum rarely sells out. With the same shows and sports franchises, why build a larger facility?

3) There is inadequate parking for this facility. Adding necessary parking will drive the cost of this project even higher.

4) Downtown arena advocates threatened voters with higher property taxes if they did not vote for the sales tax. Sadly, the county property tax mill levy was raised roughly six percent last year and two incumbent commissioners were defeated in their reelection bids as a result.

5) A privately owned and funded arena in Park City is likely to be built and opened well before the downtown arena project is completed. One of the current users of the coliseum will move to this new private facility.

In 1993, Wichita city voters rejected a proposed downtown arena project by better than a 2-to-1 margin. In 2004 voters narrowly, by a 52-to-48 percent margin, approved the downtown arena at $184.5 million. Since then, more realistic cost data about the increased price for a downtown arena has become available.

Let the people vote again on the following four point proposal:

The county will not proceed with the flawed downtown arena project. The roughly $200 million in sales tax revenue that has been raised will be put to the following uses: 1) The Britt Brown Arena will be remodeled with roughly ¼ of the funds generated by the current 1 cent arena sales tax; 2) The current costs that have been incurred in land acquisition, designs, and other contractual costs will be paid with these funds; 3) The remaining sales tax revenue balances will be used to pay down the county’s mill levy (that should be well over ½ of the entire amount raised so far). In addition, the county will seek state authorization to continue the existing 1 cent countywide sales tax with the proviso that it be used entirely to reduce county property taxes. That would provide a reduction of about 65% of the county’s property tax mill levy; 4) All future county mill levy increases must be submitted to voters and approved at a referendum election in the same way that local sales tax increases are approved.

Eliminating this large a portion of the county’s mill levy will provide Sedgwick County businesses, taxpayers, and citizens with a significant comparative advantage over other Kansas counties by reducing this tax on assets as well as reducing the uncertainty concerning future property tax hikes. This will take us one step towards becoming more competitive with progressive states where all tax hikes have to receive voter approval: Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma.


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