Wichita downtown arena costs increases start


The Intrust Bank Arena, better known as the downtown Wichita arena, is adding $2 to the cost of a ticket for hockey games once the arena opens. (Cost of tickets at Intrust Bank Arena increased by facility fee, March 5, 2009 Wichita Eagle)

We shouldn’t be surprised at this. Expect more price increases.

Some of the comments left by readers should remind us of the issues surrounding this arena.

“Get over it, you lost the arena vote” wrote one person. I hate it when democracy produces winners and losers. Especially when we’re quarreling over an entertainment facility.

“That’s great! The more people who come downtown, the better.” I wonder what people who have invested in areas other than downtown think when government builds and/or subsidizes attractions that compete with their bars, restaurants, and other businesses?


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