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  • Stimulus is theft

    In Theft In Name Of Stimulus Is Still Theft, economist Walter E. Williams makes a powerful argument for something that those who love liberty know: self-ownership is the foundation.

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    Bailout costs rise, local election turnout, health care, light bulbs, newspapers, Kansas coal prospects.

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    Capitalism, CFL bulbs, green indoctrination, bailout constitutionality, Facebook, Twitter.

  • AIG hysteria tramples liberty

    The Founding Fathers, who took such deliberate care to preserve personal liberty in our Constitution, would be ashamed by the hysteria and pandering that have consumed Washington, D.C., over bonuses paid to employees of American International Group. There is no justification for rewarding people for failure, but the conduct of elected officials calling for legislative…

  • Wichita Tea Party on Tax Day Flyer

    Susan Estes has created a printable flyer to promote the Wichita tea party protest on tax day, April 15. Click on Wichita Tea Party Planned for Tax Day, April 15 to learn more about the event. Thanks to Susan Estes for creating the flyer, and for the great imagery. It hints of one of the…

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    Charity, Kansas legal intrigue, Kansas infant mortality rate rises under Sebelius, taxing it all, bailouts not wanted, cap-and-trade costs, school choice saves.

  • Kansas City Tea Party Protest, Again

    Actually it was in suburban Olathe, Kansas. The Kansas Meadowlark provides coverage when you click on Tea Party in Olathe today.

  • Kansas City Star covers tea party — sort of

    The Kansas City Star covers yesterday’s tea party protest in the story Protesters gather at Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office in Westport. But, the phrase “tea party” isn’t mentioned. I don’t know why. See more coverage of the event by clicking on Kansas City Tea Party Protest Photos.

  • Kansas City Tea Party Protest Photos

    Coverage of a snowy Kansas City tea party protest provided by Chuck Armstrong. Click on Kansas City Tea Party: February 28, 2009.