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  • State pension cronyism

    State pension cronyism

    A new report details the way state pension funds harm workers and taxpayers through cronyism.

  • KPERS problems must be confronted

    This week the Kansas Legislature may work on the problems facing the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System, or KPERS. Past legislatures have failed to enact reforms necessary to put this system on a sound financial footing, and the legislature has shown itself incapable of managing a system where it’s easy to pass on the problem…

  • Hawker Beechcraft deal not proud moment for Kansas

    The deal to retain Hawker Beechcraft in Kansas means that reform in that state’s economic development policies is not likely.

  • Social Security: A good and moral deal?

    Social Security and its future have been in the news lately. Supporters promote it as one of the best examples of successful government programs, and denigrate its critics as pessimists.

  • Investment strategies to be discussed in Wichita

    This Friday (August 13) the Wichita Pachyderm Club features a program titled “Could any investment strategy be successful in today’s economic climate?” The presenter will be Dr. Malcolm Harris, who is Professor of Finance at Friends University. His blog is Mammon Among Friends.

  • John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years

    “The one great secret of investing is that there is no secret.” “Investment success, it turns out, lies in simplicity as basic as the virtues of thrift, independence of thought, financial discipline, realistic expectations, and common sense.”

  • The Random Walk Guide to Investing

    The title of this book derives from the author’s famous book A Random Walk Down Wall Street, published in 1973. That book, and this too, refer to the theory of efficient markets. In the author’s words: “The main premise of the theory is that the stock market is an extraordinarily efficient institution for reflecting without…