Kansas Policy Institute

Extra money in Kansas school funds could help with budget

Continuing a debate on Kansas school funding on the KPTS television public affairs program Kansas Week, Kansas Policy Institute (formerly the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy) President Dave Trabert appeared tonight to present KPI's findings about school funding. While school spending advocates have criticized these findings, there's really good news for Kansas in the numbers. Trabert said that despite the large amount of discussion about school funding in recent years, there is still much misunderstanding about the topic. He said that KPI put out a report that showed that Kansas schools finished the last fiscal year with $1.5 billion…
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Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for October 26, 2009. Kansans will have to pay to support health care in states favored by Democrats (Kansas Liberty) Special treatment and favors pollute health care reform bill: "Senate Democrats have worked in extra provisions to the reform plans that would give their states special advantages, including financial assistance with Medicaid costs, additional Medicare benefits and extra tax breaks for some residents. Republicans point out that these advantages will shift some of the costs of the plan to other states, including Kansas. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, has been instrumental in adding in…
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